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Privacy policy

Without trust there can be no enduring business relationship. SENTINEL FINANCIAL GROUP has a strong commitment to earning your trust by providing a wide range of investment and insurance products, friendly efficient service and a strong privacy policy that protects the confidentiality of your personal information.
Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act sets out 10 principles that business must follow. These are noted below along with details of Sentinel’s related policies.


We are responsible for maintaining and protecting your personal information. Your personal information includes information about you including address and telephone number, account holdings and transactions, and name and address of beneficiary.


We collect this information in order to do business with you. It is collected from you and your Advisor/Dealer through the completed application form in hardcopy or through electronic transmission. Information such as account data is also collected over time. An example of information being collected from a third party would be an executor of an estate providing necessary data to us.


You may withdraw all or part of your consent for us to use your personal information within certain legal restrictions. If consent is withdrawn we may be limited in the services or products that we can provide to you. A request for personal information will be answered within 30 days of receiving it.


We will limit the information we collect to that which is required to service you, and comply with governmental and self-regulatory organizations.


Again, we will limit these three activities to that which is required to serve you.


Regardless of how your personal information is collected, we will do our best to ensure its accuracy. It is important that you let us know, through your Advisor/Dealer or directly, of any changes to this information.


One of the key elements underpinning your trust is the protection of your personal information. We have established controls including the access to our office and data records, passwords, and file encryption for on-line activities.

Our employees and service providers have access to your personal information only for the purpose set out in your business with us.


You may request access to your personal information and should you have any questions as to it’s accuracy or completeness we will respond within 30 days of receiving your written query.


As stated above, you may request your personal information and we will respond within 30 days to your written query. In fact, we expect that most questions can be answered in a simple phone call. We are strongly committed to quickly clarifying or explaining our privacy policies.


Obviously we would have no business if there was no trust between us. Upon your request we will immediately investigate and respond with our explanation of any aspect of our policies for the protection of your personal information.

We welcome your privacy questions. Visit our Contact page for information to get a hold of us.
(306) 652-7225 or (800) 667-3929